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Meritocracy’s mission is to produce a ‘Golden Generation’ of highly educated, empowered, and civic-minded people through deep, structural changes to the education system and to social policies. In order to do this, we need to radically change the way government and leadership operate.

Consider the following:

We live in a world where we produce so much food that we throw half of it away, yet people still go hungry. 

We live in a world where there has never been so much wealth in all our history, but even in the wealthiest countries there are still so many people below the poverty line.

Today, there is more knowledge than ever before, but education systems suffer from lack of funding and entire generations of children grow up never reaching their full potential. 

Today, we face the scourge of global warming and environmental destruction, but have the technology to curb our emissions and reduce our consumption without harming our quality of life. 

What went wrong? 

The media, pundits, and business leaders like to blame the poor, to blame anyone but themselves. If you want to know what went wrong, we just have to look at who’s in the public eye: our leaders. Our world is in an abysmal state because our leaders are abysmal. 

Look around: we have everything we need to repair the world around us and make it better, but we haven’t the political will. The leaders say that they follow the people’s will, and the people say that they aren’t being listened to. The blame gets shifted onto the people, yet our leadership keeps making the bad decisions. 

We have all the knowledge in the world to fix our problems, but that knowledge isn’t being used. Science is ignored for political cheap shots. We have more educated scientists than ever before, but politicians care only for science when it suits them. There are more lawyers and lobbyists in a politician’s office than there are scientists. The first people our leaders consult in before making a decision are lobbyists, lawyers, bankers. Rarely do they go out there to talk to the people on the street, to ask ethicists and scientists deep questions about their decisions. Do you notice a pattern?

Democracy is in a death spiral because we haven’t applied enough quality control on the people running the show. Anyone with a haircut and a script can run for office, and that’s just about all that matters. We vote for one party, then after a few years get angry and vote for the other. We don’t vote for someone because someone has a better perspective or better experience, but because we hate them less than anyone else running for office. How do we fix it? How do we save what’s good and get rid of the bad? 

The answer is to apply meritocracy to democracy. When we mean meritocracy, we mean real meritocracy — not rich people claiming they’re the best. Any nation has thousands of professionals in the wing who know what they’re doing, who know the science behind their job, and who know how to work together. Meritocracy is all about taking those people, and selecting the ones who show the best promise in satisfying the public good, and putting them in charge. 

What would the world look like if lawyers and lobbyists weren’t running the show? What would the world look like if scientists ran the environmental ministry and not lawyers? Or if compassionate psychologists and systems thinkers were supervising social services? What would our society look like if we effectively applied all the most cutting edge knowledge to everything we do today? It would look like a Star Trek world, like a new renaissance and new enlightenment. This is the world that Meritocracy will deliver. 

Meritocracy Worldwide is a global movement dedicated to making sure that the governments of tomorrow will be accountable, transparent, competent, and in the service of the public good. Meritocracy Worldwide seeks to apply the principles of meritocracy to democracy, and put in place a new leadership and new infrastructure. Under a meritocracy — a true meritocracy — humanity can not only correct its mistakes, but do better than ever before


Meritocracy Worldwide’s mission is to produce a new world by targeting the roots of the problems humanity faces today. The 'Golden Generation' plan exists to make sure that we have a chance at a better world, that people of the future grow up to understand what needs to be done. 

In order to do this, we wish to accomplish the following:

• Stopping the transfer of dynastic wealth and removing the main obstacles to an honest and open political process. This is to be accomplished by a 100% inheritance tax on the wealthiest, and a categorical ban on lobbying and kickbacks.

• Making political leadership a matter of qualifications where one’s expertise matches the office they occupy.

• Reforming the political process in order to empower knowledge and disempower popularity contests.

• Placing restrictions on who can hold office so that those with provable effective and ethical behaviour are guaranteed to get into power, while removing from power any unethical, sociopathic, and incompetent people from power, and preventing their entry into office.

• Introducing smart laws and regulations in order to break the wasteful cycle of late capitalism, and put human rights and social well-being into the calculus of a mixed market economy. We call this social capitalism.










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The Meritocracy movement has been active for nearly a decade now in several forms, and continues to exist as a broad collection of individuals focused on real, pragmatic, effective, and lasting change. We have drawn from revolutionary Jacobinism, from utopian socialism, and from more recent movements as well, such as Technocracy Inc. and The Venus Project. The Meritocracy movement espouses equal opportunities for all, and unequal outcomes; we promote universal healthcare, education, and streamlined social services. We’re strong proponents of a separation between church and state, of positive liberty, and of healthy cultural fusion (instead of multiculturalism and ghettoization). 

“I am increasingly persuaded that the earth belongs exclusively to the living and that one generation has no more right to bind another to it's laws and judgments than one independent nation has the right to command another.”

- Thomas Jefferson